PROFESSIONAL PILOT CAREER COUNSELING for Great Job Opportunities in China 

Today’s Professional Pilots are inundated with opportunities for employment overseas that can seem too good to be true.  In particular, the market for experienced Jet Transport Category Captains in China is booming and many Agencies and Airlines are actively recruiting in Europe and North America.  

The decision to leave one’s present airline and look at opportunities overseas is significant for Professional Pilots and their families; a poor choice can lead to a serious loss of income and stability.  Whereas, the right choice in both Recruiting Agency and International Airline, can make a pilots career dramatically improving both lifestyle and income.  

Aircraft Investment Group (AIG) is offering a FREE service to Professional Pilots to assist them in the decision of whether overseas contractual employment is a good fit for them individually and if so, which Airline and Recruiting Agency will offer the best chance of success.  

Recruiting Agencies advertise their level of support and numerous job options.  However, they neglect to mention that each Agency has primary Airline customers where they send the majority of their candidates.  The Aircraft Investment Group Career Councillors are keenly aware of this information and can discuss with pilots all their potential options on the following topics:

  • Aircraft types and opportunities for upgrade
  • Available bases, contracts and vacation options
  • Wages, including retention bonus, safety bonus, travel and living allowance
  • Screening / Interview information, preparation and success rate
  • Required documentation
  • Chinese and international taxation

Your AIG Councillor will advise you which overseas contractual position best suits your requirements and will organize your registration with the agent that can best ensure your likelihood of success in the interview process and ongoing support while on contract.  

AIG has many years of experience in China working with Airlines, Recruitment Agencies and western pilots.  Our Career Counseling Service is completely free and is provided by Captains currently working in China who have the most up to date information on the best Airline contracts and which Agency is most likely to ensure your success and support you throughout the process.  

To take advantage of this FREE service, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.