If you are fortunate enough to enter the world of private / general aviation, and especially, aircraft ownership, you must decide what ownership option is best for you. Some aircraft ownership choices include:

  1. Full Ownership
  2. Fractional Ownership
  3. Block Charter Ownership
  4. Conventional Charter Ownership

You should consult an aircraft professional first, before you decide which ownership option is best for you. This choice should also be based hours flown, missions, financial and pride of ownership.

Since this is a costly venture, it is best that you hire a firm such as Aircraft Investment Group, Inc., and use us as your consultant as to what will be the best choice that will satisfy your partners, and most importantly, YOU.

However, once you select between the four options above, you must make even more decisions and choices - choices that you should only make with an Aircraft Investment Group, Inc. consultant. We have the information and experience necessary to make the correct decision for YOU.

Aircraft Investment Group, Inc. works on a fee-based consultation basis.

There is an old saying, "There is no free lunch, pay for it now, or later." We suggest paying for your proverbial lunch now (or as soon as possible).

Please call us at 561-686-7944 so we may discuss, or for more information about how we can satisfy your aircraft needs, please contact .

AGE BEFORE BEAUTY! And what a beauty this 1979 King Air A100 is. With 13,455.0 Total airframe hours, you could say she has been around the block a time or two. Except with aircraft that just means RELIABLE. This KA A100 has 15,437 total landings and is priced to move. You can checkout the spec sheet by clicking the link provided. Download Spec Sheet

For more information about this aircraft please call at (561) 686-7944 or email us at ron@aircraftinvestmentgroup.com.

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Upon entering the world of private / general aviation, and especially, aircraft ownership, you must decide what ownership option is best for you.